While Australia remains a cosmopolitan nation, culturally diverse consumers demand better understanding and meaningful engagement. Optimise your investment with cross-cultural insights.

Australia has one of the most diverse cross-cultural populations in the world. You'll find the influence of cultures from every corner of the globe within our nation. In 2018, China and India took up second and third place as most permanent migrants in Australia. These population shifts have had an enormous impact on the shape of Australia today, and for the future.

Most aspects of consumer behaviour are culture-bound. Cultural relationships are closely linked with the personal perception, attitude, decision-making, and adoption of innovations. These are the basis of branding, marketing and communication strategies. Many leading local and international businesses are taking a pragmatic approach to cross-cultural marketing approach due to its complexity and cost barriers.

We do it differently and we are here to help.

Bastion Insights Cross-Cultural Insights expertise includes:

  • Direct access to our one of a kind Chinese research community – Golden Voice
  • Cultural immersion and branding
  • Cross-cultural insights generation which leads to marketing strategy planning
  • Cross-cultural communication strategy co-development
  • Extensive experience in both government and broad commercial sectors
  • Ever-growing research community. Currently expending into local South East Asian

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Introducing the Golden Voice Community; a one-of-a-kind research community to bridge the gap and create a better understanding of the Chinese in Australia. Get instant insights with over 7,000 members at your fingertips.

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Led by experienced cross-cultural research specialists
who provide an authentic understanding of the Chinese in Australia.


All research is conducted in native language (Mandarin)
and translated seamlessly to account for cultural nuances.


Dynamic real-time research, conducted via our WeChat, communities,
enabling timely and cost-effective accessibility.


Our highly engaged community can be used for
online and offline research, qualitative or quantitative.
When marketing to Chinese audiences, here in Australia or in Greater China, there’re lots of differences in terms of tone of voice, even the types of characters used, grammars etc., so when you’re talking to the Chinese audience it is important to understand that it’s not a homogenous community and there are many nuances within that community.
Tom Parker
Head of China, AFL
Before the research took place, we didn’t have a thorough understanding of how our brand was perceived by Chinese, but we have learned so much about Chinese and their culture, this (research) has been an invaluable investment!
Joanna Jeffries
Brand Manager, Yalumba